1885 Four-gore Underskirt Pattern

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TV261 – 1885 Four-Gore Underskirt. Multisized XS-XXL. This skirt is drafted based on a tailoring method actually used in the 1880′s. It can be made flat in back, to be worn with an either with an overskirt or polonaise, or with the back bouffant and the front decorated. The skirt is flat in front with gathers or pleats in back, with the extra fullness shifted to the back. It has the three front gores and full width in back that were popular at that time. The placket is in the left side back seam. An optional 12″ ruffle can be added to the hem. This skirt is suitable for just about everything d

1885 Four-gore Underskirt Pattern

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1885 Four-gore Underskirt Pattern Features :

  • Sewing Pattern -1885 Four-Gore Underskirt. Multisized XS-XXL.
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